Factor Canada

The following information has been adapted with permission from FACTOR's website, www.factor.ca.

What is FACTOR?

FACTOR (the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) is a public/private partnership founded over 30 years ago to support the production of sound recordings by Canadian musicians and helps Canadian music companies make recordings available to a wider public.


FACTOR's Mission in Denver: 

FACTOR is committed to collaborating with emerging markets to develop trade opportunities outside of Canada. Attracted by Denver's unique musical and cultural ecosystem, FACTOR has made its mission to introduce Denver to Canadian music and artists from the four western provinces. After visiting Denver and collaborating with Denver's cultural industry representatives, FACTOR believes this trade mission to the Denver area would be mutually beneficial. 

Over the weekend of November 9th through 11th, FACTOR Canada and Denver Arts & Venues are sponsoring a three-day event featuring bands from four of Canada's western provinces. This exchange will ultimately bring positive results, such as assisting in making Denver a destination four touring bands, increasing showcase and touring opportunities for all parties involved, augmenting festival and conference appearances, and facilitating the informational exchange of industry best practices.